Childsmart Toy Review

I have never actually written a review on products before and I was really excited to be asked to write one reviewing the BRIO Rescue Fire Set and the Crocodile Creek Mix and Match Puzzle by Childsmart.


The first thing i can say about these is that all 3 of my elder children were instantly drawn to them. Harriet is yet to discover she has hands so thought they all just looked delicious to chew on…

2017-07-22 10.18.35 1.jpg

The boys particularly loved the Fire and Rescue Set. Anything with a track, hills, a fire station and fire engines that actually make noise/fashing lights are an instant hit in my house. The design was simple enough that they were able to engage with us to set it up and remember how the track went. The fact the fire trucks were also interactive spike Margot’s attention also (which caused fights because the boys didn’t want to share #siblinglove). Another great thing about the BRIO Fire and Rescue set is that is can be added too to expand the track. The boys loved this and added a lot of track they already had to it to make their whole bedroom floor a giant track. Another generous bonus was the addition of fire fighters. The boys loved having people that they could use to put out the “fires”. Margot also loved this track and snuck in a was playing with it when the boys didn’t notice so that she could play in peace. The joys of brothers.

2017-07-24 06.03.58 1.jpg

I picked the Crocodile Creek 9 Piece Mix and Match Puzzle for the girls in mind. However i found that Margot (2) and Scout (3) played with this together beautifully. They found it hilarious to mix and match body parts of animals and also stacking them high rather than on the ground. This is a versatile toy for a multitude of ages. They are also big enough that Margot can stack them relatively easily. She enjoyed this as well. I also found that because the animals are colourful and cute it creates easy conversation about what the animal is and also body parts. Harriet (8months) was also able to hold the blocks and bang them which she loved to do.

2017-07-26 10.06.27 1.jpg

Over all I found both the BRIO Fire and Rescue Set and the Crocodile Creek 9 Piece Puzzle were great for great for all 4 of my children. Both will also be very ell used for the next couple of years. I personally love toys that have a multitude of ways to play with them. This makes your house cleaner but it also stimulates their imagination, creative play and incidental learning. Furthermore both require fine and gross motor skills which are crucial for their development.


I hope this has been helpful! Given the vast array of toys on the market and the vast amount I have in my house alone I can honestly say these two have become firm favourites.

2017-07-26 10.06.26 1.jpg

Both of these toys are available now at Myer and through


Also keep up to date with all new products through Childsmart on Instagram @childsmart







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