5 Minutes with mum boss Tara owner of Aleenta Barre Glenelg

I want to introduce you all to Tara. She is the owner of the Aleenta Barre that I attend and bombard you all with stories of me struggling to walk after a few sessions in a row (seriously don’t do 3 in a row. It’s a terrible idea). Aleenta Barre has a range of different classes that would suit anyone. Each class goes for 60 minutes and will work muscles you never knew you had. There is cardio for weight loss from F.I.T and Barre BURN for toning and muscle strengthening from Barre BLEND and YOGA Barre, core and flexibility with Pure Yoga and abs and Extend. Essentially Aleenta Barre is the perfect blend of yoga, Pilates and barre which provides the best low impact toning workout.

Tara contacted me to try out Aleenta Barre over 4 months and I have been attempting to go up to 3 times a week. Sometimes I can’t due to children and work commitments but the flexibility in times make this a lot more manageable. The one thing that I love about Aleenta Barre is the variety in the classes. It has also been great for me after 4 babies as the trainers have helped adjust exercises to help with my stomach separation. I have found it also to be low impact yet an effective workout. It has also helped me with my posture. I always hunch over so this has been great at helping me train myself to stop this!

First of all I want to commend you for not only opening and running a very successful business with Aleenta Barre but also working as a teacher and raising your gorgeous little man Harvey. How to do you find the time?

Thank you so much. For me, being organised is the key to surviving the hectic mum/work life. I write myself lists that I cross off daily to keep my brain focused on what needs to be achieved throughout the day. I also get myself up an hour before the little man wakes to make sure I am ready for all aspects of my day or to simply take some “me time” before the chaos begins. Something I am working on this year (and I have already seen an improvement), is finding a better balance. My wonderful husband works fly in/fly out work and is away for 2 weeks at a time. So I am trying to focus on work while he’s away and when he’s back we enjoy quality family time. It’s so important to find a work/life balance, especially whilst building a new business.

I have been going to Aleenta Barre now for over 3 months and absolutely love it. What drew you to starting your own business?

I have always been involved with sport or trying new forms of exercise. However after a period of time I would grow bored and look for something new. However BARRE was different. I loved how challenging it was, yet at the same time quite soothing for the soul. I also loved the fact that I saw results quickly. I felt that more people needed to know about BARRE so this was my main motivation for opening the Glenelg studio. I also love the challenge of doing some new. Anyone who owns a new small business knows that this is exactly what running a business is – CHALLENGING! However we have a wonderful team and are constantly learning from one another and our students. My main objective is to create a business with a vibrant environment in which people from all walks of life want to be apart of.

What is the most satisfying part of being part of Aleenta Barre franchise?

The students! I love hearing their stories, supporting them to achieve their goals and just creating an awesome environment for them to be apart of.

My favourite classes to go to are Barre Burn and Barre F.I.T . Well this is after and when I see and feel the results. During the class is another matter… Which is your favourite class?

Oooooh tough question! I think with my sporting background I love pushing myself to the limit in FIT; the class is such a great way to boost your metabolism and get the blood flowing. However I also LOVE the BARRE Burn class. It’s the traditional BARRE class and works muscles you don’t even know you have. Plus the more you master the techniques, the more you challenge your body, which really improves your results.

Thank you so much for your time Tara. You truly are an amazing woman and thank you for this opportunity.

Please find out more about Aleenta Barre on their facebook, Instagram page @aleentabarre and http://www.aleentabarre.com and sign up for the introductory 2 week $50 unlimited classes.

x x x x

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