PicoSure Laser Treatment Review

In late April I was lucky enough to be asked to try a PicoSure treatment to assist with pigmentation following the birth of my four babies.  Apparently, it is common to have pigmentation (known as melasma) issues following child birth due to hormonal changes, stress and tiredness. PicoSure is a revolutionary laser treatment from Cynosure, Australia’s leading developer of light based aesthetic technologies, helping mums see permanent results from stubborn melasma.


Through the process of arranging the treatment I was advised that whilst areas of the body and face that have darkened over your pregnancy may fade over time as the high levels of pregnancy hormones in the body regulate after giving birth, the truth is some patches may never go away completely. Thanks babies. As if the skin tags for bussoms wasn’t enough…


However, laser is the safest and most effective treatment for treating post-pregnancy pigmentation – getting you back to that early pregnancy glow sooner than ever so I couldn’t say no to try the treatment. Apparently, it works to painlessly shatter melanin pigments underneath the skin and promote a more even overall complexion. Turns out I have no idea about technology or biology so I will believe this is how it works.


I went to the Burnside Cosmetic and Skin Cancer Clinic in Burnside Village South Australia for my treatment. I knew that it would be a laser treatment but I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have also never had anything done to my face before except for one or two facials. The laser itself stung in certain areas and weirdly enough more on one side of my face than the other (which is apparently common). The noise was the oddest part of the treatment for me but it was the same as when I have had laser hair removal.


I found the treatment to be relatively relaxing and quite quick. Doctor Chris Koulos was amazing in my consultation and helpful in suggestions on what treatments can also help with my breakouts. He was great throughout the treatment also and I found results to be instant. I was slightly flushed looking and was advised going in the sun for the rest of the day but my skin just felt like it was lightly sunburnt so slightly sensitive but not painful.


Dr Koulos advised that I may get what appears to be a break out in patch of my skin around my chin or cheeks. For the first week my skin was glowing and some people commented it look like I had been airbrushed. I did however get the break out reaction but it settled after a few days. Dr Koulos further advised that the treatment is most effective by having 3 sessions with 6 weeks between sessions. I will be having a second treatment shortly now that I am at the 6-week mark.


To be honest I was sceptical and felt that I wasn’t getting any changes at around week 4. However, I have noticed the lines on my forehead are less deep and I don’t have the darkened skin around the side of my temples anymore. I am curious how much difference another session will make!


I will write another review following the second treatment too. However please contact me should you want any further clarification around the treatment and how I found it to be.


BEFORE                                                            AFTER

20180427_1126543033926333642359515.jpg                    20180604_1906547777180554998451097.jpg




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