To the second time parents…

It seems to be everywhere that going to the third child is the hardest and that mum of three children are the most stressed however four or more children they are the most relaxed. However after having four children of my own I whole heartily disagree with this. For me personally going from one to [...]

When does “mummyness” kick in?

Lately I have been wondering when does the 'mummy' skills kick in? You know the ones that not only your mum but your friends mums and then your grandmothers all have in the bag? Even some of my friends have acquired these skills when they entered the world of motherhood but I seem to be [...]

The many seasons of parenthood

So yesterday was a terrible day. It started with me coming into a lounge room that had literally been painted with weetbix and blueberries. I screamed so loudly that I was sure the neighbours would have called the police. The thing is Scout became upset and remorseful. Margot could not have given a shit. Seriously [...]