Bec Wilcock reveals her pregnancy fitness routine

Ultra-marathon runner, Blackmores ambassador and Nike trainer, Bec Wilcock, announced the arrival of her gorgeous baby boy, Beau Patrick this month. Known for running some of the most gruelling ultramarathons in the world, Bec has admitted that pregnancy meant big changes for her fitness routine. Here she gives us the low down on how to [...]

When did kids stop being allowed to be kids?

As a mother of four I don’t particularly have the time or the hands to be all over my children at all times. Yet in all honesty I don’t want to be either.   I have wondered for a long time as to why children aren’t allowed to be children? Why aren’t they allowed to [...]

Guest Blogger – Jess from @ohmylevi_ “Bowie’s birth story”

Since starting my blog/Instagram I have met some amazing women who are or have gone through similar experiences to myself. I randomly started chatting to Jessiika, who is the gorgeous mumma behind @ohmylevi_. We hit it off instantly. We were both heavily pregnant at the same time and even though she was due before me [...]

Dear Teething Fairy…

Dear Teething Fairy,   Firstly I’d like to say fuck you. You are a cruel bastard. I’m 99% sure that you are also receiving substantial endorsements from either panadol or nurofen. Well you are probably receiving payments from both. Therefore, you are also a greedy bastard.   Secondly, I do understand giving teeth to babies [...]