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Review of Green Rose Merino Wool

I was asked to review a selection of items from and when I looked into their items I couldn’t say no.

Safe to say when 3 sets of pajama separates and a onesie arrived I was instantly impressed with the quality and the softeness. So much so that Scout requests to wear them to bed when he normally always requests his batman ones! They have also washed well and further more have been great for the hot and then cold weather than has been happening is Adelaide lately.

As a mum of four the most important thing to me is that the kids are not only comfortable but that clothing is easily washed without special instructions. Whilst they are merion wool I have found they wash very well and have had no balling on the fabric either.

Also as a plus I am loving that Harriet’s onsie is cute enough to wear during the day too. Another perk to the separate pjs is the sizing works well and buying a size up the extra deep cuffs on the pants can be folded up which also saves money (again something I also look for in items).

Not only do they make a large variety of newborn to child size but also in adult sizing. I definitely need to get some for winter as they are great for layering and even to exercise in due to the fabric breathing well whilst also keeping you warm. They even have a breastfeeding friendly range, which would have been amazing when I was feeding during winter a few years ago!

Not only do Green Rose stock merino wool clothing but also an Organic range which is another line I would love to try out.

Go and check out Green Rose on IG at @merinowoolgreenrose and you wont be disappointed