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About a month ago I was asked to review a children’s app called KidloLand. I actually have never used children’s games or apps on my phone or devices so I wanted to let the kids use it for atleast a few weeks to see if it was a novelty or whether they genuinely liked it.


To my surprise they have loved it and actually help each other with it! I was genuinely impressed with how much they have enjoyed it and this is ongoing.


KidloLand is a children’s educational app that is designed for children 0 -5. It has a complete phonics section with songs and activities to help kids take their first steps in towards reading, 95+ interactive nursery rhymes, games and 300+ activites that will help develop a child’s pre-math, sequencing skills, picture and number comprehension, problem solving skills, build memory and develop their imagination and creativity.


I was also pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the games. My boys especially loved the interactive games involving occupations. My daughter loved the nursery rhymes and phonics. The games are never too long which maintained their attention and they also were short enough that they shared the games. I loved how interactive the games were and how they were educational without it being sterile and dull for the kids.


I have also loved that whilst the kids have been playing with the app for the past month they have no finished every game on their. This is amazing and definitely worth looking into for your little ones! I have also found that they easily navigate through the different games and can easily find what they are after with no frustration.


Another perk of this app is once you have downloaded the songs you can enjoy them offline! Also there is no advertising so your children cannot accidentally purchase a new vacuum cleaner or dog by accident (well probably deliberately with my kids…).


Thank you again for allowing my kids to review this amazing KidloLand app!


You can download KidloLand from the following sites;