Let’s Talk Periods. And Boob Jobs.

This is a topic that I still find I ask my friends and anyone that has had a baby. Periods. Contraception. What the hell has happened to my cycles and what contraception’s are the best and possibly which surgeon is the best?! You would think I would know this stuff inside out given my body [...]

Harriet’s Birth Story

Harriet’s labour was actually the most daunting for me. This seemed to surprise everyone because I’ve already had 3 previous labours that had been quick and relatively easy. However after having 2 labours be 1.5hours from start to finish I was genuinely nervous id give birth at home. I know that a lot of women [...]

Do you ever know if you’re ‘done’…?

Yesterday my husband had a vasectomy. He is 27. Poor bastard. However I am currently sitting here 33 weeks pregnant with our fourth child which could be potentially born on our eldest upcoming 4th birthday. Today makes me feel like we made the right decision. However when I was dropping him to hospital I had [...]