The many seasons of parenthood

So yesterday was a terrible day. It started with me coming into a lounge room that had literally been painted with weetbix and blueberries. I screamed so loudly that I was sure the neighbours would have called the police. The thing is Scout became upset and remorseful. Margot could not have given a shit. Seriously how frustrating is it when a child DOES NOT care. Literally does not care. She did however attempt to help me clean. Which of course made it worse. Seriously I think you could build a house using weetbix as mortar. That shit sets like concrete.

2017-06-13 04.59.20 1.jpg

The day became progressively worse. They all bickered, played in “muddy puddles” they created and then dragged the mud inside. I even saw Noah and Scout bury Margot’s Barbie who by the way was naked #hmmmquitesadistic. My dog then proceeded to dig a giant hole as well. Scout even managed to wet the bed during his nap on my freshly changed sheets. This of course if the first time this has happened in months. To add insult to injury they all are sick with pink eye, coughs, green snot and all just generally in moods that rival mine 2 days before I get my period. My sister ended dropping in (much to my relief) and I dropped to the chemist to get some cream/advice for Harriet’s nappy rash. I showed the pharmacist a picture of it and he looked horrified and simply said, “go to the doctor”. Awesome. Mum guilt hit an all time high. Then I couldn’t get her into the doctor until Saturday. Safe to say when the husband strolled in from his fun day at work socialising with adults I almost threw them at him and ran away. I obviously didn’t. Instead I nailed a pizza then went to Pilates because I was hating on my streched skin and whinging that it’s not what it was when I was 18.


Yet today they all woke up as if bluebirds had pulled back their sheets and applied their makeup/pleasant attitude for the day. I braved the walk in doctor solo. Which resulted in an hour waiting then 2 out of 4 being prescribed antibiotics #motheroftheyear then went to a playground. All without one tantrum. Then I put two down and the other two having quiet time. Therefore I can write this is the middle of the day whilst inilating a toasted cheese amd avocado sandwich (because seriously who doesn’t love a toastie in peace…and apparently means I’ll never own my home) Followed by fruit and yoghurt. You know because on days like these I treat my body as if it was a majestic temple that birthed these amazing beings. My poor organs must be so confused.

2017-07-18 01.32.13 1.jpg

Anyways the moral of my story is that everyday is different. Some days you will feel like you are falling apart and there is nothing going right. Other days you feel like you a killing it at parenting and that maybe just maybe you should have more children because you can do it. I always find it funny looking back at the week and feeling as though it is an absolute roller coaster. There are highs and there are lows. It also always seems as though when you feel like you are failing someone always validates those feelings by being condescending, a glare or a rude comment. These are always the days that seems to stick.


The days where life is just brilliant always seem to be a pleasant surprise even though Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday may have also been amazing. We always seem to remember the awful ones. Why is this? Mothers are funny creatures like this. We don’t give ourselves enough credit that is for sure.


However one thing that I notice, well in my house anyways, is how contagious moods are. If one child, or most specifically me, is not in the right mood it sets the tone for the day. Today the bluebirds also lifted my sheets, albeit still smelling of urine because I was too over life to change them (yes gross I know) yet I changed them today and did 3 loads to washing. You see it’s all about balance and not being too hard on ourselves.

2017-07-06 01.05.23 1.jpg

Does anyone have contagious mood syndrome in the household too? And yep I did just make that title up. But I am curious if it is actually a thing? I also notice particularly around my eldest Noah a lot as well. He seems to set the tone in our house a lot. This is a good thing though because he is also the calmest person, next to Harriet. Family dynamics fascinate me and I could watch families and siblings interact all day. Lucky I enjoy I guess because I do have a fair few people to watch…


Let me know if I am the only one who has noticed this and what your thoughts on it are.


Also to end oh a positive note when you notice a parent having an ‘off day’ give a reassuring smile, offer help and tell them they are doing a great job. That is all they might need to change the season in their house for that day or even that week.


Be kind people. Everyone is going through their own season.


Love Tanya x


2017-07-09 12.50.15 1.jpg

2 thoughts on “The many seasons of parenthood

  1. oh my gosh this TOTALLY happens in our house….unfortunately being 38weeks pregnant my almost 3 year old is picking up on ALL of my moodiness. I really feel for my husband (occasionally) I won’t be surprised if he eagerly puts his hands up for deployment sometime soon 🙂


    1. Oh being 38weeks pregnant I was horrible haha. My husband was meant to be deployed during my 3rd and 4th pregnancies but they fell through luckily! Once bub is born you’ll feel like a lot more or a stable person haha. Good luck for the upcoming weeks! Let me know when bubs arrives xx

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