FREE (yes free) Local Adelaide Events you will want to attend in 2019

Now that the silly season has finally begun to attend I have found some time to reflect on the amazing local events that have been held over the Christmas period. Whilst it is a little late advertising anything now (obviously the big man wont be back for another 12 months) I think it is great to think about what to attend in the future but also to make sure we look out for events in our local areas throughout the year.

2019-01-07 082517733322193939651..jpg

The best thing about local events that are held by local councils is that generally they are FREE. Now anything that is free has become a highlight of my week. My children are now of the age where they are aware that I’m lying about their ages (jokes…I’ve never pretended my children are all under 4…ever). 


Last year (that feels weird to write give in was 4 days ago) Dan and I took the kids to some of the City of Adelaide Christmas events. We were all set to go see the lighting of the Christmas Tree however it wasn’t until I was watching @_adelady Instagram stories in my pajamas that I realised we missed it…lucky we didn’t tell the kids. However upon watching their stories I was gutted we missed it and will certainly be putting it in a diary for this year! We did however attend Eighty Eight O’Connell St Twilight Christmas Market and the Christmas Nights, Festive Lights. 

2019-01-07-077300003480495043593..jpg                2019-01-07-073038816848378957540..jpg

The markets were gorgeous with over 60 local stores and local food. I actually bought my mum some of her Christmas presents from one of the stalls E for Ethel. The focus of the market was on bespoke Handmade items and they had an absolute abundance of items available.  The music, games for kids and the face painting were perfect for kids. I actually wish I got the face painters details because they were actually amazing. I will def get my stalker on and try get their details to share! The cutest thing about this market was being able to buy a real Christmas tree. I will certainly buy a real one next year. The only down fall with these markets were the lack of toilets that were easily accessible. 



The stand out by far was the Christmas Night, Festive Lights held at Victoria Square, Adelaide City. It was ran over a week and actually amazing. On the Friday and Saturday night prior to Christmas they held an outdoor cinema with children’s movies, a giant Lego sleigh (which I actually looked like a tool when I suggested it took 100 hours to build when it took 8 months…) A free photo was also provided to anyone that sat in the sleigh too. Scout especially loved the huge Lego set up that you could build for hours and the children’s entertainment were great too.


2019-01-07 077217675910524628968..jpg

So many children were up dancing and playing in the water fountain also. I actually found the location to be great because of the layout and the accessibility to either sitting on the grass or large cement steps surrounding the area. Also the easy access to water and toilets is great for when each child only needs to go when you return with the one that just went. The simple joys of parenting hey. I actually enjoyed the variety of food however felt there could have been a slightly bigger variety but I also went on the last night so there may have been more on different nights. I actually enjoyed that the layout meant you could pack your own picnic and or then ventured down gouger or further into the city. 


2019-01-07 077817924145377814923..jpg                                2019-01-07 073599413564548748735..jpg

Is there any local events that you have loved in your local area? Share the love of FREE local events. The more people that attend these amazing events will mean that they can get bigger and better. Surely that is best for everyone?

2019-01-07 071085189738343633918..jpg


For further information and to keep up to date with other local events in Adelaide make sure you follow @CityofAdelaide and their Facebook page City of Adelaide.







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