Review of the SmarTrike STR7

Unfortunately for us we only discovered the magic of the SmartTrike on baby #4. This magical invention would have served us well for all of our babies. The quality is a lot better than another brand we had bought for our second (which was subsequently used for 2 months because it was too hard to steer and too uncomfortable for Scout to sit in for longer walks). This one however Harriet has enjoyed sitting in for longer walks and also quick trips around the shops. It has been that easy to steer my mum has even been using it. Harriet also enjoys sitting in it and given it has a padded seat, which can also recline, I totally understand. I would actually love one in my size. Hint Hint SmarTrike.


One of my favourite features is not only its ability to fold up into a compact carry bag but is the reclining seat. This would be perfect for the younger bubs but even Harriet, who is 2, enjoys especially if she is getting tired. Another of my favourite features in the size of the shade canopy. You know you are a mum of more than 3 when you notice the size of the shade canopy before the actual look of the SmartTrike. I found it its a great size and high enough to cover an older and taller child. Perfect given you can use these from 6 months until 36 months (aka 3 years in non baby language). You can also swivel the seat to change the direction that your baby/toddler is facing.

Another feature that I noticed really highlighted why the SmartTrike is worth investing in, is the quality of the steering and the wheels. Given I have 4, very very, quick children being able to steer with one hand is vital to me. The SmarTrike is a lot easier to steer than I imagined it to be an can easily be maneuvered with one hand. It also has breaks that make sure your child doesn’t roll away easily either. Another win when you don’t feel like being judged for having your toddler roll down a hill…however bubs will be safe and sound with the adjustable 5 point harness and safety bar.

Overall I was really happy with the quality and also the appearance of the SmarTrike and I was (well Harriet) lucky to be asked to review the SmartTrike STR7 Folding Trike.

Deciding what to invest in when you have a baby is a daunting (and also overwhelming) experience but this is one item worth your time and money.

Love Tanya xx

ps just a hint…it is currently on sale over at

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